ARC Salon 2013 – 2014



I recently found out that two of my pieces were among the finalists in the prestigious Art Renewal Center Salon. The news is extremely motivating to say the least! I have always loved painting and drawing. Even though I have chosen and maintained a full time career as a Software Trainer, I haven’t been able to allow art to become a less important part of my life. Any recognition that my work has received in the past few years has really helped validate my efforts in educating and expressing myself as an artist. I am currently working on a new body of work which will showcase a new level of freedom in expressing my thoughts while experimenting with new methods and genres.

I am appreciative of every effort made in supporting and encouraging artists to continue producing great work.

Here are the links to the two categories my works were a part of. So many amazing pieces are included in the catalogue!

ARC 2013 – 2014 Animal Category

ARC 2013 – 2014 Drawing Category

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