My work derives from an irrepressible urge to magnify often overlooked and unique details that surround me. I strive to capture the allure of life across many different subjects. The diversity and intrinsic beauty found in the natural world inspires me to explore and create meaningful experiences for my viewers.

I define beauty as the essence, the very life of an object or figure that attracts the attention of an observer. When painting and drawing, I thoroughly investigate my subject until I can understand the specific elements that contribute to its form, I then represent those as genuinely as I am capable.

The majority of my work has been representational as I have found that art form to be the most honest method of communicating with the viewer. However, as I explore new techniques of creating art and expose more of my own self in my work, a new phase in my career as an artist is developing and I draw great inspiration and excitement from that fact.


58th Juried Exhibition at the Haggin Museum
Stockton Art League

Art Renewal Center 2013-2014 International ARC Salon Finalist
Visit ARC Site Finalist in Drawing and Animal Categories

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